Professional Cleaner & Descaler liquid solution for espresso coffee machines, parts, filters and ancillaries. Removes coffee residue and descales machine components to improve flow, improve coffee taste and ensure machine longevity. Suitable for all types and brand of espresso coffee machine including professional group espresso machines and pod/capsule coffee machines. Great for general cleaning through the water tank, or for cleaning machine filters and other accessories. Designed to work alongside our milk system cleaner for a complete cleaning solution for your automatic coffee machines. Supplied in easy dose bottle for complete accuracy when applying or diluting the solution. Simply tip the bottle and get an accurate measure of fluid every time! Coffee Machine Cleaner Liquid 1 Litre Easy dose bottle for accurate measure every time Cleans and descales all types of coffee machine Professional grade formula for group espresso machines Also suitable for pod/capsule machines Ideal for water tank cleaning or filter cleaning Removes coffee residue fast to improve flow & taste Suitable for all types of espresso coffee machine Works well with our Milk System Cleaner liquid 1 litre bottle Directions for Cleaning via Water Tank: Pour in 10ml of the coffee machine cleaner liquid into the water tank. Add water up to the fill mark on the machine and leave for around 5-10 mins. Start to pull through all solution. Repeat for heavily soiled or scaled appliances. Flush system through with fresh water prior to next use. Directions for Filter Cleaning: Open the back of the machine to access the filter. Pour 25-50ml of liquid into the filter unit (depending on appliance size). Simply add water to the solution and pull through. Once all signs of the liquid have disappeared, flush with fresh water before next use.


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