United Kingdom (Scotland)

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Aberdour Whisky 1.5ltr

1 x 150cl   40% ABV

Aberdour Whisky 1.5ltr

40% ABV
1 x 150cl

Brewdog AF Punk IPA

12 x 330cl   0.5% ABV

This is Punk AF. Juicy tropical fruit mixes it up with grassy, pine notes on a solid malt baseline for a beer that’s all flavour, no alcohol. At 0.5% ABV, it`s Punk, but not as you know it.

Brewdog AF Punk IPA

0.5% ABV
12 x 330cl

Stans Big Apple BIB

1 x 2000cl   5% ABV

Medium dry, this still cider bursts with apple flavours and has a depth of character that only comes from generations of experience.

Stans Big Apple BIB

5% ABV
1 x 2000cl

The Singleton 12YO Malt Whisky

1 x 70cl   40% ABV

Sweetness and crunchy nuts impress at first, then there`s a smooth, fruity Speyside richness to enjoy.