Fruit Cider

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Annings Elder & Cucumber Cider 4%500ml

12 x 50cl   4% ABV

made with elderflower juice and cucumber extracts. Light, refreshing and original.

Annings Mixed Berries Cider 4% 500ml

12 x 50cl   4% ABV

Cider, elderberry juice and extracts from a number of red berries, with a hint of lime. Extremely juicy and moreish.

Annings Pear & Mint Cider 4% 500ml

12 x 50cl   4% ABV

A blend of refreshing cider with pear extract and garden mint, for a deliciously heady aroma and a lingering clean fresh finish.

Annings Pear & Peach Cider 4% 500ml

12 x 50cl   4% ABV

A blend of cider, pear and peach extracts. Deliciously refreshing, these fruits compliment each other perfectly.

Annings Pink G/F & Pineapple 4% 500ml

12 x 50cl   4% ABV

A refreshing grown-up fruit cider, where pink grapefruit and pineapple combine perfectly to provide a refreshing drink

Annings Strawberries&Lyme Cider 4% 500ml

12 x 50cl   4% ABV

A very natural character, with lime, carried through to the finish creating an incredibly moreish and refreshing fruit cider!

Broadoak Sloe Gin Cider 4% 20Ltr BIB

1 x 2000cl   4% ABV

The marrying of these three flavours, sloe, gin and cider culminate with the characteristics of a fruity cider punch.

Bulmers No.17 Red Berries &Lime 4% 500ml

12 x 50cl   4% ABV

This cider is a delightful burst of mixed red berries on your tongue.

Healeys Rattler Berry 4% Cider 50Ltr

1 x 5000cl   4% ABV

Bursting with red berry juice and the famous Rattler bite, all blended with Healey’s know-how.

Kopparberg AlcFree Mixed Fruits 0% 500ml

8 x 50cl   0% ABV

A delicious punch of raspberry and blackcurrant flavour.

Kopparberg B/Berry & Lime Cider 4% 500ml

15 x 50cl   4% ABV

Packed with plenty of fruity notes, Kopparberg Blueberry & Lime marries sweet blueberry ?avour with the delicious touch of lime.