CAUSTIC SODA 25kg sack


Caustic soda pearls, also known as sodium hydroxide pearls or lye pearls, are small, round beads or pellets of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) that are commonly used in industrial and commercial cleaning applications. They are a highly concentrated form of caustic soda, typically containing a 99% active ingredient. Caustic soda pearls are used in a wide range of industries, including soap and detergent manufacturing, textile processing, and oil and gas production. They are also commonly used as a cleaning agent in the food and beverage industry, and for removing grease and oil from industrial equipment. Because of their high concentration, caustic soda pearls must be handled with care and caution. They can cause severe burns to the skin and eyes, and inhaling the fumes can be harmful. It`s important to wear protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, and a face mask when handling the pearls and to follow all safety guidelines and precautions provided. Additionally, it`s important to store the pearls in a cool, dry place and to keep them away from children and pets.


Abu Dhabi
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