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Akashi-Tai Honjozo Sake

1 x 30cl   15% ABV

Akashi-tai`s Honjozo sake is made to be slightly lighter in style than other sakes, using high quality rice and a small amount of brewers alcohol to create a crisp, dry and easy to drink sake

Akashi-Tai Honjozo Tokubetsu Sake

1 x 72cl   15% ABV

Made with Gohyakumangoku rice milled down to just 60% of its original size, creating a delicate and complex sake with a creamy mouthfeel and tropical fruit notes.

Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky

1 x 70cl   45% ABV

Nikka Coffey Grain has notes of coconut, butter, tropical fruits, toffee popcorn, toasted bread and citrus. It forms an essential part of several of Nikka’s blends as a flavoursome backbone.

Nikka Days Whisky

1 x 70cl   40% ABV

Nikka Days has a rich, creamy texture and bright and fruity nose with notes of apple, melon, flowers, vanilla, spice, citrus, liquorice and delicate smoke

Nikka Days Whisky

40% ABV
1 x 70cl

Nikka From The Barrel

1 x 50cl   51.4% ABV

Nikka From The Barrel

51.4% ABV
1 x 50cl

Shiraume Umeshu Plum Infused Sake

1 x 50cl   14% ABV

A luxurious plum liqueur made by preserving the fruit in premium sake, softening the spirit and enhancing the plum flavour. 

Yamazaki 12 Year Old 43%

1 x 70cl   43% ABV

A medium bodied, honeyed in style, vanilla malt bursts with apple fruit and jasmine freshness.