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Cotleigh Barn Owl 4.2% 500ml

12 x 50cl   4.2% ABV

A copper bronzed ale with hints of toffee and vanilla.

Cotleigh Tawny Owl 3.8% 500ml

12 x 50cl   3.8% ABV

A distinctive well balanced best bitter with a subtle hop palate which blends with the sweetness of the malt.

Effen Vodka 70cl

1 x 70cl   35% ABV

Effen Vodka 70cl

35% ABV
1 x 70cl

Estrella GALICIA 4.7% 50Ltr

1 x 5000cl   4.7% ABV

A refreshing, smooth and delicately balanced lager.

Family Reserve Thatchers Sparkling Wine

6 x 75cl   11% ABV

Classic Cuvee light golden hues, gentle effervescence with a great combination of intensity made with the Katy Apple

Fisk 70cl

1 x 70cl   30% ABV

Fisk 70cl

30% ABV
1 x 70cl