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Butcombe Gold 4.7% 500ml

8 x 50cl   4.7% ABV

A well-balanced, full-bodied golden beer with a subtle floral and herby aroma.

Butcombe Original Bitter 4.5% 500ml

8 x 50cl   4.5% ABV

Distinctive bitter, clean and refreshing flavour

Courage Directors 4.8% 500ml

8 x 50cl   4.8% ABV

A rich, chestnut hued, full-bodied brew boasting a clean, bitter taste balanced with burnt, orange peel notes and a dry-hop aroma and flavour.

Kirin Ichiban 5% 330ml

24 x 33cl   5% ABV

A premium, 100% malt beer brewed with the first-press method, offering smooth and rich flavor.

Ringwood Boondoggle 5% 500ml

8 x 50cl   5% ABV

A deliciously fruity ale affectionately crafted to savour and satisfy. Best enjoyed with a few nuts.