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Blue Moon 5.4% 330ml Nrb

24 x 33cl   5.4% ABV

A Belgian Style Wheat Beer, brewed with Orange Peel and Coriander for a subtle sweetness. The wheat gives a smooth, creamy body.

Blue Moon 5.4% 330ml Nrb

5.4% ABV
24 x 33cl

Butcombe Chris Moose 4.1% 9g

1 x 4091.4cl   4.1% ABV

Butcombe Chris Moose 4.1% 9g

4.1% ABV
1 x 4091.4cl

Carlsberg Cans 3.8% 440ml

1 x 440cl   3.8% ABV

"Our new brew has a fuller mouthfeel, greater smoothness and depth of flavour, with crisp bitterness and a distinctive hop aroma."

Cobra 660ml 5%

1 x 66cl   4.5% ABV

Cobra 660ml 5%

4.5% ABV
1 x 66cl

Cobra Zero 0% 330ml

1 x 33cl   0% ABV

Cobra Zero 0% 330ml

0% ABV
1 x 33cl

Doom Bar Zero 0% 500ml

1 x 50cl   0% ABV

A perfectly balanced beer combining subtle yet complex flavours, and is both satisfying and deliciously moreish.

Firehouse Own Label Pale Ale

1 x 33cl   3.5% ABV

Containing Oats, Wheat and Barley to give a good malty backbone and creamy mouth feel, hopped and double dry hopped using Olicana, to give a burst of citrus with tropical fruit undertones

Grolsch Pilsner 4% 50L

1 x 5000cl   4% ABV

A Pilsner with a great depth of flavour. Initially crisp and refreshing but with double the flavour.

Grolsch Pilsner 4% 50L

4% ABV
1 x 5000cl