Beers and Ciders

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Grolsch Pilsner 4% 50L

1 x 5000cl   4% ABV

A Pilsner with a great depth of flavour. Initially crisp and refreshing but with double the flavour.

Grolsch Pilsner 4% 50L

4% ABV
1 x 5000cl

Healeys Rattler Berry 4% Cider 50Ltr

1 x 5000cl   4% ABV

Bursting with red berry juice and the famous Rattler bite, all blended with Healey’s know-how.

Thatchers Rose Cider 4% 50Ltr

1 x 5000cl   4% ABV

Naturally sweet, rosy-red sparkling cider bursting with fruity apple flavour.

West Berkshire Good Old Boy 4% 9g

1 x 4091cl   4% ABV

GOOD OLD BOY is brewed with a blend of rich malted barley and fruity hops to produce an exceptionally well-balanced and full-flavoured beer.