Fruit Cider

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Magners Dark Fruits Keg 50Ltr

1 x 5000cl   4% ABV

A refreshing addition to the Magners family.

Mortimers Orchard English Berry 4% 50Ltr

1 x 5000cl   4% ABV

A delicious raspberry and blackberry cider blended with a hint of grass for lasting refreshment

Old Mout Berries & Cherries 30Ltr

1 x 3000cl   4% ABV

A special blend of strawberry and raspberry with notes of blueberry. Finished off with a refreshing burst of juicy apple.

Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime 30Ltr

1 x 3000.42cl   4% ABV

Perfectly embodies a Swedish summer with the authentic flavour of freshly picked strawberries.

Sandford Fanny`s Bramble 4% 50Ltr

1 x 5000.699cl   4% ABV

Fanny’s Lane runs out of the village of Sandford, in the late summer its hedges are full of Blackberries, plucked to go into crumbles, pies and our exceptional cider.

Somersby Rhubarb & Strawberry 50Ltr

1 x 5000cl   4% ABV

A balance of sweetness with aromas of ripe strawberries against rich, earthy rhubarb.

Stowford Press Mixed Berry Cider 50Ltr

1 x 5000cl   4% ABV

A bright and refreshing cider, blended with the richness of ripe mixed berries

Strongbow Dark Fruits 4% 50Ltr

1 x 5000cl   4% ABV

Strongbow cut with a blend of dark fruit. Refreshment with a dark edge.